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Our Story


The Double R Private School was founded in 1974 by Ted and Brenda Reichle. The school started with only ten preschool children but quickly expanded into a summer camp where children from the surrounding community came to swim, play ball, and horseback ride.


In the following years as more grades were added; the Double R School outgrew the converted garage and porch it originated in. More buildings were added and the old barn that once housed horses became the library and eventually a computer lab. What was once known as “The Little School in the Country” became a meeting place for locals and a safe place for our students to be themselves.

Today the school has expanded, and the grounds have changed but the message and heart behind the learning has stayed the same. At our school, we support traditional family values, encourage compassion, courtesy and respect for everyone.


The Double R Private school provides an educational experience that focuses on the needs of individual students and families. With an average of 12 students per grade our carefully selected educators are able to provide students with the attention they need that is vital to their success. Our curriculum stresses traditional teaching methods with a strong focus on leadership, responsibility, organization, and challenges our students’ intellectual abilities.


Our goal is simple. We want our students to leave here with the tools they have gained to help them for a lifetime.

Brenda Reichle

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IThe Double R Private School is fully accredited by the Association of Independent schools of Florida (AISF). AISF is recognized by the Florida Association Nonpublic schools (FAANS), as an accrediting agency for private schools. AISF is also a Charter Member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), which serves as a national review panel for the standards and procedures of private school accreditation associations throughout the United states. The Double R Private School is a Gold-seal School of Excellence.

Independent schools such as the Double R Private School channel resources directly to students; learning, counseling and growth. The Double R Private School as an AISF school stresses an academic foundation while developing instructional programs to meet the needs, capabilities and interests of its students. The focus of Double R is to maintain high academic standards and positive character development

The Double R Private School maintains or exceeds the educational, ethical and professional standards set by AISF including qualified instructors, small class groupings, flexible programs and an excellent learning environment. 

                **The Double R School enrolls qualified students regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, age, disability or gender.** 

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