Our Academics

The challenging academics at Double R stresses traditional teaching methods which produce energetic and motivated students who are inspired to reach their highest potential.  New and innovative techniques are incorporated into the pattern of traditional methodology.  The demanding standards of the Double R Private School create an environment in which academic and social endeavors are expected to be exemplary. 

The pre-school program incorporates hands-on learning with structured academic class time. Specific large motor skills  and small motor skills are developed by activities which encourage movement with music, rhythm and dance. cutting/ pasting, lacing, shoe-tying, and “clay-playing”  The phonics-based pre-reading program involves letter recognition and sequencing  Early math is introduced by counting and matching,  Computer time daily reinforces lessons taught during class time.


 A board certified and state licensed speech-language pathologist works with Double R students to communicate effectively in all domains: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

Elementary School

Core curriculum is taught by traditional teaching methods and reinforced in the school’s computer lab.  STEAM activities,  Music, and Spanish round out the phonics-based curriculum. 

Teacher and Young Student

A year-round program offered to all

students around Central Florida.  Trained teaching specialists provide personalized instruction, remediation and enrichment.

Middle School

Language Arts, Mathematics, Science , Social Studies and communication skills are the focus in Middle School.  In computer lab, students are introduced to modern business methods which are reinforced through classroom lectures and project assignments.  

Physical Education

All levels of our education participate in some form of Physical education. Whether that be preschoolers adding exercise and “fun-damentals”  experienced through outdoor play in the pre-school playground or our older students learning about sportsmanship, teamwork and the importance of physical activitiy.